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Changing Methods Of Explanation Within The Scientific...

Changing Methods of Explanation In the scientific community, there are numerous models used to explain data, which despite being argued over, can be used to spread knowledge. One model proposed by Hempel is the â€Å"Covering Law Model,† which can be explained when he writes: â€Å"The kind of explanation thus characterized I will call deductive nomological explanation; for it amounts to a deductive subsumption of the explanandum under principles which have the character of general laws† (Hempel, 658). Essentially, the D-N model explains scientific explanation as deductive, requiring the truth of its premises to ensure the truth of the conclusion, which also must be backed up by an accurate prediction of whichever phenomenon is being explained. However, there are problems with this model, as explained by Kim when he writes: â€Å"In a nutshell, then, the trouble is that we have had models, but not theories, of explanation† (Kim, 53). Hempel’s critics want to include metaphysics under explanation, which would essentially mean putting more emphasis on causal factors to make sense of the world, rather than using readily explainable phenomenon like gravitational pull. Though they have their disagreements with each other, I believe that both methods have merit, and adding causal realism to the Covering Law Model is currently the best solution to explaining scientific concepts. Hempel reinforces his Covering Law Model with ideas from other scientists to demonstrate its usefulness. ForShow MoreRelatedHow Has Nuclear Medicine Propagated Science And Society?922 Words   |  4 PagesHow has nuclear medicine innovated science and society? Within the last century, science faced several discoveries that caused the scientific community and society to change one another. When evaluating the scientific discoveries during the twentieth century, the decisive advancements took place in the study of nuclear physics. Affecting both science and society i nquires formed around medical uses for nuclear materials. Advanced research in nuclear science with radioisotopes allowed doctors to treatRead MoreHuman Communication : Objective Approach And Interpretive Approach904 Words   |  4 Pagesthose patterns we make predictions or assumptions about what people will or will not do or what will or will not happen. There are two scientific methods of analyzation that take two different approaches to human communication â€Å"Objective approach and Interpretive approach†. Hopefully by defining, comparing and contrasting these to two different scientific methods will illuminate some clarity to how scholars observe and analyze human communication. Although, Objective approach and the InterpretiveRead MoreScientific Contributions Of Buddhism And Technology1062 Words   |  5 Pages Chinese Buddhism and Technology Name: Hongyi Jin Student ID: 301277714 E-mail: hongyij@sfu.ca Words Counter: Contant Table: Abstract ——————————p.g Background and History —————————— p.g Scientific Contributions of Buddhism Impacts of technology to Buddhism Positive Impact ————————— Negative Impact ————————— Results of Interviews observations —————————p.g Comments and Evaluation ———————————p.g Summary ——————————— References ——————————— Abstract Read MoreLearning Increase Future Employability Of Students753 Words   |  4 Pagesanticipate and navigate a rapidly changing view of skill requirements. They will increasingly need to reassess the skills they need and quickly put together the right resources to develop and update these. Workers in the future will need to be adaptable lifelong learners. Educational institutions at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, are largely responsible for student s training and preparation as the future workforces. The competencies are changing and educational institutions shouldRead MoreThe Role Of Psychology And Social Change891 Words   |  4 Pagessocial change or social justice movements for targeted oppressed populations †¢ The publishing site that you will use for publishing your blog (i.e., Wisepress, Weebly, etc.), including an explanation of why you chose this platform and how you will connect with an academic audience to facilitate the interaction within your blog Social Change Blog The Opportunities and Obstacles of the voter registration laws States that have implemented voter registration laws claim that those laws are put into placeRead MoreNative American Identity Essay1078 Words   |  5 Pageswould define the meaning of what is to be member of a certain group. Despite these differences in experiencing and living within a given culture; the commonality is that members of the group are recognized are part of It by members of the group they claim to belong. Native American’s self-definition is a continuum because â€Å"[†¦] knowledge is conditioned knowledge, constructed within our conceptual systems, and thus knowledge is a communal achievement and is relative to time and place. One need not retreatRead MoreSok Notes Module 32689 Words   |  11 Pagesour senses and the use of instruments to help us be precise. It is empirical [it falls beyond our senses]. Science follows very specific rules. Science does not exclude creativity and imagination, all inventions started from the inquiring mind. 3 methods of science are Observation, Experimentation and Measurements. Steps in science are Observation, Comfort (help and make lifestyle easier) and labour or energy saving. Science involves different branches example social science, natural science, statisticalRead MoreThe Field Of Business Contains Various Paths That Are Interconnected1560 Words   |  7 Pagesfield of marketing is ever-changing. Although base principles stay the same, people’s purchasing habits are constantly shifting along with culture and society. The communication between marketers and consumers is one that is vital to a company and can be the difference between success and failure. Through analyzing the TED Talk â€Å"What Physics Taught Me About Marketing† by Dan Cobley, it is apparent that there is always a thing or two to learn in our own discourse communities. Cobley not only explainsRead MoreCompare Modernist and Symbolic Interpretive in Different Aspect1655 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In this modern era, the global business environment is changing so fast that organizations need to manage differently to suit customers’ unlimited wants. Organization theory is an area of study where organizations are the phenomenon of interest for theory that applies to everybody. Organization are defined as a consciously coordinated social entity, with a relatively, identifiable boundary that performs upon consciously basis to accomplish a mutual goal. Organizations are structuredRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Poverty1609 Words   |  7 Pagesaltered through the later. Organism’s genetic makeup can be altered through â€Å"natural† means such as selective breeding, whereas â€Å"synthetic† means occurs through human intervention with biotechnology in a laboratory. I use both terms loosely in my explanation of the controversy, because it is the distinct separation of natural versus synthetic that generates the issue. The reason why I dislike the terms â €Å"natural† and â€Å"synthetic† is because natural has come to mean through spontaneous biological and environmental

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